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Deck Guide: Grixis Midrange

An in-depth gameplay and sideboard guide to Grixis Midrange written by AmplexusFatum.

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Draft: Core Set 2019

A set overview and a brief guide to drafting Core Set 2019 in MTG: Arena

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Introduction to Singleton

TDA takes a close look at the Singleton event in MTGA with a meta recap and a spicy GW deck-list.

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Deck Guide: GW Midrange

Ajani and friends against the meta!

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Deck Guide: UW God Pharaoh's Gift

A fun and informative overview of the most beautiful deck in Chainwhirler Standard...

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A Study in Red: Red Based Aggro Analysis

TDA takes a detailed look at a transition between Ramunap Red its full standard variants.

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Draft: Aether Revolt

A quick overview of the Aether Revolt Limited...

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