Budget BW Vampires

Posted: March 26, 2018

With every passing day since the collection reset, people open more cards and lists are slowly, but steadily, being refined. That is why we decided to prepare a quick guide on one of the most refined decks you can get for the fewest possible wildcards - welcome to budget White-Black Vampires.

Why choose this deck?

If fighting for Queen Miralda’s righteous cause is not enough, you might be interested in picking the vampiric conquistadores up because of several other reasons. For one, as mentioned above, it is possible to relatively cheaply, wildcard-wise. upgrade the deck immensely. The deck can, partly owing to the Lifelink ability innately present on Vampire tokens, hold out against heavy aggro and eventually overwhelm the opponent with a swarm of Vampires - all the while having more than enough pressure to lay on control decks.

Boardwide buffs

Because of the 4 copies we run of both Legion Lieutenant and Radiant Destiny, our numerous 1/1 tokens and other cheap creatures very soon turn into large threats that have to be dealt with.


Of course, no deck would be complete without a splash of control elements. We use Moments of Craving to deal with problematic early drops our opponents might have and include the stellar removal White offers in the form of Cast Out and Binding of Ixalan.

Win Conditions

We’re always on the lookout to chip away at our opponent’s health wherever possible. Eventually, we’ll hopefully have laid enough pressure on them to win through the sheer strength of our numbers, backed up by the +1/+1 ‘Anthem’ effects, maybe with a little help from the explosiveness of Shefet Dunes. We’re a little vulnerable to both mass removal and the removal of our Legion Lieutenants, but we’re able to try and regain board quickly through Call to the Feast. If we find that we’re lacking steam, we can quickly refill our hand with Champion of Dusk.

Crafting Order

Mythic: None!
Rare (7 Total): 2 Radiant Destiny -> Champion of Dusk -> 2 Legion's Landing -> 2 Radiant Destiny
Uncommon (11 Total): 3 Legion Lieutenant -> 2 Call to the Feast -> 3 Shefet Dunes -> Cast Out -> Binding of Ixalan -> 1 Call to the Feast
Common (5 Total): Queen's Commission -> 2 Martyr of Dusk -> 2 Dusk Legion Zealot


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