Amonkhet/Ixalan Deck Drafts

Posted: March 22, 2018

As we are expecting the new patch to hit in excitement, the Compleat team has put together three theorized decklists, one of each aggro, control and combo. Naturally we won’t be able to craft all the cards on day one, but these should set you on the right path.

Mono Red Aggro

Although the absence of Bomat Courier reduces the Hazoret impact of the deck, Mono Red Aggro is still a powerhouse in every way. Not only are the two cards currently banned from Standard (Rampaging Ferocidon and Ramunap Ruins) available in MTGA, as the mythics in the deck have cheaper alternatives, this will be one of the decks to beat in the first weeks after the collection reset.

UB Midrange

There are two crucial cards missing from the UB cardpool that are currently available in standard - Torrential Gearhulk and Fatal Push. Luckily the format is a lot slower without Energy, and UB Midrange will do wonders for the lovers of Scarab God. With a splash of either green or white, the deck gets access to either Vraska or additional control tools. Either way, between Scarab God, Vraska’s Contempt and plethora of ways to dig through the deck, this deck should be a nice starting point.

Bant Control

Finally, our control deck of choice is the Bant suite with Approach of the Second Sun as the win condition. There’s not much to say about the deck; use a ton of ramp, counterspells and removal to stall the game and cast the Approach twice to win the game.


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