Developer Stream March 21st

Posted: March 22, 2018

The Developer stream on march 21st showed us quite a few new things about the upcoming patch. Blake Rasmussen and Chris Cao talked not only about the things waiting for us tonight when the NDA is lifted and we finally get our hands on Amonkhet, but talked about what the future holds for us as well. Here is a brief summary of what we found out:

  • Update is expected to finish at 4PM PST (updates on twitter), which is midnight CEST. NDA drops only after the update is finished.
  • Economy changes, nothing too specific (in general fewer wildcards, esp. commons). Expect a post on forums tomorrow detailing the details
  • Updated loading screen tips,
  • New feature of revealed cards, including cards revealed in hand or cards castable from other zones like graveyard shown next to the hand
  • Embalm effect looks super sweet (12:10 timestamp)
  • Most likely the last wipe before open beta
  • Packs contribute baseline 4% to the vault progress now
  • No bans as of yet, but when they are 'aligned with standard', card bans will come in effect
  • Arena Dominaria's coming around the time of paper Dominaria's release
  • Kaladesh confirmed to come for Arena
  • Interactable objects on the battlefield planned for the future
  • A lot of visual polish, (i.e. new visual indicator for hexproof (48:50))
  • Vault now contains 1 Rare wildcard, 2 Uncommon Wildcards and a random Mythic Rare, Rare and Uncommon card (one of each)

You can watch the VoD of the entire stream below:


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