Preliminary Snapshot - Dominaria

The addition of Dominaria to our card pool has shook up the meta significantly. Until we can provide you with decent, reliable decklists, Meta Snapshot will instead host interesting new archetypes introduced with our newest edition. Some of the lists are brewed by our team, others are adapted or copied from Competitive Standard League

These are not fully tuned standard decks, those will be published once we have a clear picture of the meta. Some cards are used as filler for now, or offer insignificant advantage over budget options (i.e. Cancel, Wizard's Retort and Admiral's Order are generally interchangable, where one might offer a minor advantage in certain scenarios.)

Deck export codes should be available tomorrow, April 27th.

New Archetypes:

Old Archetypes:


Title Category Published Patch
Meta Snapshot: Kaladesh - June 17th Snapshot I June 17, 2018 v727_633495
Preliminary Snapshot: Kaladesh - June 7th Preliminary Snapshot June 07, 2018 v727_633495
Snapshot - Dominaria III Snapshot III June 03, 2018 v667_618725
Snapshot - Dominaria II Snapshot II May 20, 2018 v667_618725
Snapshot - Dominaria I Snapshot I May 06, 2018 v667_618725
Preliminary Snapshot - Dominaria Preliminary Snapshot April 26, 2018 v667_618725
Meta-Snapshot II Snapshot II April 16, 2018 v607_607936
Preliminary Meta-Snapshot Preliminary/Snapshot April 01, 2018 v607_604597


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