MTG Arena Compendium

  • Game type: Digital CCG
  • Studio: Digital Games Studio
  • Closed Beta Release: December 4, 2017
  • Closed Beta NDA lift: March 22, 2018


The game has two sorts of currency: Gems and Gold. Gold is acquired through daily quests and victory rewards and is used to purchase card boosters. The exact function of gems is unknown as of now, but are speculated to be real-life to ingame currency and/or used for cosmetic purchases.  

Each booster pack contains 5 common, 2 uncommon and 1 rare or mythic rare card. Unlike most modern CCGs there is no option to destroy cards and craft others. Instead, players can find Wild Cards in boosters and as quest rewards, that can be exchanged for any card of the same rarity (i.e rare for rare). If a player already owns a playset of a card he opens in a booster, it offers additional progress towards opening the vault.  

The vault is an additional card acquisition tool, where players receive a certain percentage of progress for each pack of cards they open, and additional progress for each card they already own a playset off.

Format and Gameplay

The developers promised at least three game modes at release: Standard Bo1, Standard Bo3 and a Draft mode. Draft packs will contain 14 cards (15th being removed to account for the land in paper magic packs) and players will get to keep the cards they draft.

Unlike MTG:Duels and other digital instalments of MTG other than MTGO, MTGA offers a genuine MTG experience. Players can either take advantage of convenient automatised mana tapping and priority passing, or take a full control of the game by press Ctrl + Shift.

UI and Visuals

The game currently features a controversial angled view, imitating the paper magic player point of view. The game is closely mimicking colorful and vivid Hearthstone UI, an avatar with emote wheel and animated board.


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