Budget Mono-Red Aggro

Posted: March 24, 2018

The first two days of MTGA post-NDA meta has been dominated by the Scarab God. The U/B power house backed by a plethora of removal, sticky creatures and my personal favorite, Champion of Wits, has caused trouble to many a new players. As U/B control is the deck to beat, here’s a quick guide on a budget variant of it’s nemesis, Mono-Red Aggro.

Even if you are new to Magic, you probably know what this deck is all about. Cheap, fast and surprisingly hard to kill, the creatures in this deck are all about dealing as much damage to your opponent as fast as possible. Supported by late-game reach in form of Hazoret and Ramunap Ruins, it’s hard to run out of steam before your opponent drops dead.;

Why is this deck the perfect choice for beginners?

Well, the answer is not in the ease of playing. Aggro decks such as this, though inherently easier than control as they dictate the tempo of the match, take surprising amount of skill to sequence and execute properly. As a new player you will learn the importance of keeping pressure on your opponent, properly managing your mana pool and sealing the game when you get the chance. Additionally, the core of the deck is very straightforward when it comes to upgrades, and every rare and mythic will significantly increase your power and kill speed.

The Core

As this is a budget deck, our core is slightly weaker than it will be few weeks from now, yet, the Ramunap Ruins and our strong early game get the job done either way. As it’s unlikely for us to hold playsets each of Soul-Scar Mage and Earthshaker Kenra, we replace them with other hasty creatures such as Captain Lannery Storm and Nest Robbers. We’re replacing three of our Hazorets with Charging Monstrosities and Etali, Primal Store. Our creatures are additionally supported by our arsenal of diverse burn spells. Lightning Strike can be used as either removal or to help us burn down our opponent, Abrade works as removal and helps us deal with artifacts, while the best part about Magma Spray is its ability to deny graveyard effects on creatures such as Scarab Lord and Champion of Wits.

Win Conditions

As previously iterated, we use our early game aggression to wear down our opponent as low as possible and bring him into our kill range. Once they have inevitably stabilized the board, it’s time for our wincons to finish the job. We have multiple options; wearing our opponent down with Ramunap Ruins, landing a flying Glorybringer in their face, killing them off with the fodder in our hand using Hazoret or even just melting their face with Lightning Strikes. This deck has no issues dealing with any form of control and is the perfect way to navigate through current Scarab infested meta-game.;

Crafting Order

Mythic: 3x Hazoret (Etali and then Charging Monstorsities);
Rare: 2x Earthshaker Khenra (Cartouche of Zeal, Nest Robber) > 2 Soul-Scar Mage (2 Nest Robber) > 3 Rampaging Ferocidon (Nest Robber, Goblin Trailblazer, Captain Lannery Storm)
Good luck cracking packs and I sincerely hope I don’t run into you in the game.


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