UW Tokens

Posted: March 29, 2018

The first non-budget deck we decided to cover is a uW Token deck that’s been showing up a lot on the ladder in the past 48 hours. The incredible stickiness and resilience of its creatures makes this deck a nightmare to deal with as a control deck, and it’s life gain and early, reusable and very much dispandable blockers are hard for aggro decks to push through.

Why would you splash blue?

It might seem redundant at the first glance, but blue offers a lot to this deck. Vizier of the Anointed himself provides two important things lacking in the Budget version; hand refill and tutoring. Albeit the decklist provided in the article serves as a canvas to adjust depending on the meta we’re facing and can be tuned to fare better against Control (Search for Azcanta, Negate…) or aggro. Vizier of many faces can cop any other unit on the board, and it synergizes with Anointed Procession (i.e. with a single Procession on the board, using its embalm ability on an eternalized champion of wit will net us with four 4/4 bodies and 8 card draw (further filling our graveyard with embalm/eternalize creatures in the process).

The Core

At its core, this is very much a token deck, using stick minions and Anointed Procession to swarm and overwhelm our opponent, and using our blue utility creatures to never run out of cards to play. The absolute first priority for both, budget and uW deck is Anointed Procession. Not only do neither RDW or UB control run a way to deal with it, this incredibly powerful card serves as an engine to absolute board domination. Our cat package; Adorned puncer, Regal Caracal and Sacred cat help us swarm the board with formidable feline soldiers we use to chip away at our control adversaries and chump our aggro opponents while maintaining a healthy life total. Supported by anointer priest the tokens will keep us healthy until we execute our plan. Shefet Dunes can be used to close out games once we’ve taken over the board, or to force the opponent into bad trades to secure our position.

Support cards

If our aggro matchups are more or less a walk in the park, UB control deck can be a tad more complicated. Between multiple board wipes, ways to exile our creatures and counterspells for our Procession, we can sometimes see our games taking much longer than we’d feel comfortable to. Field of Ruins is an excellent support card that denies our opponents card advantage if they successfully transform Search for Azcanta, or ascend with Arc of Orazca. Resolving Ixalan’s Binding on any of the opponent’s units will normally lock them out of playing 2nd or third copy for the rest of the game, and our Champions of Wit will help us keep our hand full Angel of Sanctions serves a similar purpose, except it further synergises with Anointed Procession and can swing games without giving our opponent a chance to counter it.

Crafting Order

Mythic: None
Rare: 4x Anointed Procession > 1x Legion’s Landing > 2 Champion of Wits > 2 Adorned Pouncer > 2 Champion of Wits > Lands > 2 Adorned Pouncer
The uncommons and commons should be easy to craft.


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